Metal Art

Custom Artwork made to order. Footballs can be customized for any team you want, highschool, college or NFL. Any pro baseball, basketball or hockey teams available. Can also add names or addresses. All work is plasma cut from heavy 1/8″ steel. All work is sold as unfinished(unpainted) We paint as a courtesy to prevent rust.

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Skull and pistons 16″ x 16″ $40.00

Military badges 14″ $45.00

Any state $45.00. Star will be placed close to the city,town you specify

Can be made from 1/8″ steel for $250.00 (unfinished only)

military family flag  13″ x 12″ 1,2 or 3 star  $28.50

48″ x 16″ x 1/8″   $140.00

f-it car tag 6″ x 12″ $26.00

taz  $47.00

Yard sign customized with your name and house number. Inserts can be changed out for different seasons or moods 🙂  $75.00

Footballs. your team of choice. NFL, college, high school or your name can be substituted or added above.  $45.00 as shown

Pet memorials. $45.00

Custom address signs. your name, house number and breed of dog. $89.00

Coondogs $45.00

major league baseball teams available. $40.00